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Introducing the latest innovation in metal casting technology: sand casting copper by Jiangsu Hongli Machine Co., Ltd. Using state-of-the-art equipment and top-quality materials, we have perfected the process of sand casting copper to bring you high-quality, durable products. Our skilled team of professionals ensures that each casting is precision-made to meet strict industry standards.

Sand casting copper offers versatility and flexibility for a wide range of applications, from industrial machinery to decorative elements. The superior heat conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper make it an ideal choice for various industries. With our advanced sand casting techniques, we can produce intricate and complex copper components with excellent dimensional accuracy.

At Jiangsu Hongli Machine Co., Ltd., our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to deliver exceptional products that meet and exceed your expectations. Trust us to provide you with the best sand casting copper solutions for your specific needs.

Jiangsu Hongli Machine Co., Ltd.

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C63000 Aluminum Bronze Sand Castings Seamless Alloy Copper Pipe

C63000 Aluminum Bronze Sand Castings Seamless Alloy Copper Pipe manufacturer. As a factory, we specialize in high-quality and customized copper alloy products.

Mullite Powder for Casting, Mullite Sand for Copper Crafts, Casting

Mullite Craft Co. offers high-quality Mullite Powder for casting and Mullite Sand for copper crafts. Our factory ensures top-notch products for precise casting needs.

C95410 Aluminum Bronze Sand Castings Seamless Alloy Copper Pipe

Proudly presenting our C95410 Aluminum Bronze Sand Castings Seamless Alloy Copper Pipe. As a factory, we ensure high-quality manufacturing standards.

Sand Blast T2 4X8 Copper Sheet Price

Get the best price for Sand Blast T2 4X8 Copper Sheet at our factory. We offer high-quality, affordable copper sheets for all your needs.

0.1mm 3mm Copper Sheet Foil for Battery C11000 ETP Tu1 Copper Strip Alloy Coil Manufacturer Price

Looking for high quality Copper Sheet and Foil for Battery applications? We are a factory offering C11000 ETP Tu1 Copper Strip Alloy Coil at competitive prices. Buy now!

T1/T2/Tp1/Tp2 C10100/C10200/C10500/C10700/C11000 Square/Round Copper Bar

Shop our high-quality T1/T2/Tp1/Tp2 C10100/C10200/C10500/C10700/C11000 Square/Round Copper Bar. We are a factory committed to providing top-notch products.

GB17791-1999 3.18mm 4.76mm 6.35mm Copper Pipe for Air Condition

Get high-quality GB17791-1999 3.18mm 4.76mm 6.35mm copper pipes for air condition from our factory. Durable and reliable products for your air conditioning needs.

Manufacturer Supply ASTM Standard C77000 Nickel Copper Sheet for Optical Instrument Parts

Highest quality ASTM Standard C77000 Nickel Copper Sheet available for optical instrument parts. Our factory ensures superior manufacturer supply.

ASTM B360 7/8" 1" 1-1/8" 1-1/4" 12.7mm 9.52mm Copper Pipe

ASTM B360 7/8" 1" 1-1/8" 1-1/4" 12.7mm 9.52mm Copper Pipe - Factory Direct Supplier. High-quality and affordable copper piping solutions in various sizes.

Factory Price C17200 Cube2 Beryllium Copper Bar Copper for Sale

Get quality C17200 Cube2 Beryllium Copper Bars at factory prices. We are direct manufacturers offering copper for sale. Order now for great deals!

Copper Wire High Quality 99.99%/Industrial Copper Wire for Sale

Buy high quality 99.99% industrial copper wire for sale from our factory. We offer top-grade copper wire that is perfect for various industrial applications.

Copper Brass Round Bar H58 H60 with Best Price for Hot Sales

Our factory offers high-quality copper brass round bars H58 H60 at the best price for hot sales. Contact us for competitive deals and superior products.

Chinese Supplier Tu1 Tu2 Copper Strip Rolls Copper Strip Coil for Radiator /Customized Thick Factory Brass 0.1mm~200mm Non-Alloy OEM/Dom 99.9% Brush Hard Copper

Discover the highest quality Tu1 Tu2 Copper Strip Rolls & Coils for Radiators at our non-alloy OEM factory. Customized to your needs, available in various thicknesses from 0.1mm to 200mm.

China Hot Sale Cheap Price 99.9% Pure Copper Flat Bus Bar C10200 C10100 C36000 Pure Copper Brass Copper Bar

Get China hot sale cheap price on 99.9% pure copper flat bus bar C10200, C10100, C36000 at our factory. Buy pure copper brass copper bar for any industrial need.

ASTM Oxygen Free C10100 Copper Strips for Wire Shielding

Our ASTM Oxygen Free C10100 Copper Strips for Wire Shielding are made in our factory to ensure high quality and reliability. Purchase now for superior wire shielding.

China Manufacture ASTM B194 ASTM Quality H59 H62 H63 H65 H68 99.9 Pure Copper Bar Phosphorus Copper Brazing Round Rod

Buy high-quality ASTM B194 H59 H62 H63 H65 H68 99.9 Pure Copper Bar from China. Our factory manufactures top-grade phosphorus copper brazing round rods. Fast shipping available.

Hot H95 C26800 Welding Rod H68 Copper Bar Hpb61-1 Cw614n H62 H59

Get high-quality H95 C26800 welding rod, H68 copper bar, Hpb61-1 CW614N, H62, H59 from our factory. We offer superior products at competitive prices.

C17200 C17500 C5191 50mm Thick Customized 99.99% Copper Plate Sheet for Construction

Get high-quality customized 99.99% copper plate sheets for construction from our factory. Choose from C17200, C17500, and C5191 in 50mm thickness.

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Introducing our high-quality sand-cast copper products! Our sand casting process ensures that each piece is meticulously crafted to perfection, resulting in a durable and visually stunning finished product.

Using the finest copper materials, our skilled craftsmen carefully pour molten copper into sand molds to create a wide range of products, including cookware, home decor, and industrial components. The sand casting technique allows for intricate designs and details to be accurately reproduced, giving each piece a unique and luxurious appeal.

Our copper products are not only decorative and stylish, but also highly functional. Copper has excellent heat conductivity, making it an ideal material for cookware and other culinary applications. Its durability and corrosion resistance also make it a reliable choice for industrial and architectural purposes.

Whether you're looking for a statement piece for your home or a reliable component for industrial use, our sand-cast copper products are the perfect choice. With a lustrous finish and outstanding performance, our products are the epitome of quality and elegance.

Experience the timeless beauty and functionality of copper with our sand-cast copper products. Add a touch of luxury to your space and enjoy the unmatched performance of high-quality copper products.

I recently purchased a sand-casted copper pendant and I couldn't be happier with my decision. The intricate design and attention to detail really make this piece stand out. The copper material has a beautiful rustic finish and the sand casting technique gives it a unique texture. The pendant is great quality and feels substantial without being too heavy. I've received numerous compliments on it and I love that it's a one-of-a-kind piece due to the sand casting process. Overall, I highly recommend this sand-casted copper jewelry to anyone looking for a statement accessory with a touch of craftsmanship.

Mr. Eason Zhong

I recently purchased a copper sand casting mold and I am extremely impressed with the results. The mold itself is of high quality and is perfect for creating complex and intricate copper designs. The sand casting process was simple and easy to follow, resulting in beautiful, detailed copper pieces. The finished products were exactly as I had envisioned, with a smooth finish and excellent detail. I highly recommend this copper sand casting mold to anyone looking to produce high-quality copper pieces. It is a fantastic investment for any hobbyist or professional artist.

Andy luo

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